1/72 Airfix O-1 Birddog RTAF

Gallery Article by Albatross on Dec 5 2012

Thailand National Day (H.M. The King's Birthday)



Hi, I want to show my last 1/72 scale model; Airfix O-1 birddog.  The kit was small with raised panel lines from over 30 year old tooling.  The plastic was thick and had dimpling from injection technique.  The clear part was thick and had dimpling as well. I was removed the raise panel line and make the new recess line, sand off and rub to thin the clear part.


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The kit was painted in grey color (Royal Thai Air Force service), I used Mr. color, Gunze Sangyo for painting and decal from Jeab decal.

Hope you to enjoy the photos.



Photos and text by Albatross