1/48 Hasegawa F-16A RTAF

Gallery Article by Nat Krairojananan on Dec 5 2012

Thailand National Day (H.M. The King's Birthday)



Royal Thai Air Force Received F-16 A and B via Peace Naresuan project since 1988. Most of them are F-16 block 15 OCU and some F-16 ADF. The Vipers serve in the Wing 1(Korat AFB) and Wing 4(Takhli AFB). The model was Hasegawa's. It's quite out of date but the shape still looks accurate comparing with Kinetic one. My project was to open most of the service panels.  So, I used Verlinden product cockpit detail set and super detail set.  These sets give better cockpit and canopy details, opened radome with radar antenna, opened avionics bays at side of nose and opened gun bay. They fit perfectly without any problem.  I also scratch -built opened panels such as gun gas went door, electrical and communication panels ad in-flight refuel receptacle as well as hydraulic cylinder at tail fin base. The flap was cut and realigned at 20 degree down position. I replace the kit's burner can with Italeri's closed exhaust one for different look (although it's rarely to see close burner can while park on ground). The pitot and AOA probes were made from small needles. I had to re-scribe some panel lines under the nose and between the lower stabilizers. I replaced all molded navigation lights with clear plastic. Static wicks were made from thin wire.


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My viper was painted with Mr. Color lacquer (aka Gunze Sangyo paint) No.305/306/307/308.  Weathering was done for enhancing the panel line with enamel color wash.  Decal represented F-16 from 403 SQN., Wing 4 by Siam Scale.

Enjoy the photos.

Nat Krairojananan

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Photos and text by Nat Krairojananan