1/72 Fujimi A-7E RTN

Gallery Article by Nat Krairojananan on Dec 10 2012

Constitution Day in Thailand



A-7 E/TA-7 C Corsair were in service with the Royal Thai Navy since 1995. These aircraft used to serve in USN especially during Operation Desert Storm. The kit is from Fujimi, although overall details could not compare with today's kits like the Hobby Boss one, but it still comes with good surface details and fit Fujimi's intake shape seems to be more correct as well.  I started with the cockpit, adding some styrene bits to side walls.  The SJU-8A was totally scratch-built.  I decided to open some maintenance hatches such as the avionic bay, gun gas vane, boarding ladder; using styrene sheet and some afford.  I added some rivets and antenna to make it more realistic.  I challenged myself by doing some surgery to the wings.  The wing was fold by carefully cutting along the line, adding some folding mechanism.  Both flaps were lowered as well.


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Painting the RTN Corsair using Mr. Color lacquer (aka Gunze Sangyo paint).  The upper side was painted by Mr. Color No.315 (FS16440) and lower side by No.316 (FS17875).  Weathering was done for enhancing the panel lines with enamel color wash.  Siam scale launched lots of excellent decal sheets for Royal Thai Arm Force and AFV.  My corsair got the decal from Siam Scale too. The sheet came with main markings and full stencil for and A-7 E or TA-7 C.  The font lettering was crisp. The decal was thin, adhered very well and endure to over spraying by any paint thinner.

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Nat Krairojananan


Photos and text by Nat Krairojananan