1/72 Williams Brothers RSAF Martin B-10

Gallery Article by Chokchai U. on Dec 10 2012

  Constitution Day in Thailand 



Sawasdee krab,
Royal Siamese Air Force (Royal Thai air force at that time) received six Model 139WSM aircraft, the export version of B-10, in April 1937 and used them during the French-Thai War of 1940-41 and during the 1942 invasion of Burma. It was given a further nine ex-Dutch aircraft by the Japanese in 1942.  They remained in service until 1949.  Sadly, after decommissioned all of them had gone to scrap yard instead of the museum. 


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About the model, this is Williams brothers 1/72 model that I bought for more than 10 years ago. Quality and detail of the model is fair for the model this age. ( Just wondering how come no kit manufacturers make this type of aircraft?....the only other manufacturer I know who made this plane is Lone Star Models 1/48 in resin and vacform parts. I wish some mainstream manufacturer will consider tooling it up in 1/72 or 1/48 scale.) 

I added some details in front and rear cockpit.  Unfortunately, itís nearly invisible.  Overall assembly was better than I expected.  Few details were added on the exterior.  Finishing of this aircraft was natural silver.  The raised panel lines were sanded off so I drew the lines by pencil instead.  National insignia is from Siam decal except 3 coloured flag at the rudder.  This was enjoyable model building and I will make another one in two tone camouflage scheme. 

Happy modeling for all of us.

Chokchai U.

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