1/48 Academy MIG29-A Fulcrum

Gallery Article by Erkin Bora on Dec 27 2012



After a long pause I decided I should start building warplanes as before.  In my stock :) I noticed I had 2 of this kit so started building it end September 2012 finished by the beginning of November. The kit has many faults therefore you need to obtain a lot of aftermarket goodies if you want something close to the original.  Thanks to Czech Companies they almost have every detail manufactured for this kit.  Since I wanted to build an a/c out of the regular, I decided to build one of our respective neighbours : Islamic Republic of Iran. The camouflage colors are different and hard to match but I guess I'm satisfied with the result.  Even the original aircraft do not match with each other :)


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I bought the followings to create an expensive example of this kit :D

  • Karaya detail set

  • Quickboost nose cone 

  • Aeroline + Aero bonus Russian missiles

  • Caracal Decals

  • Quickboost F.O.D. covers (did not use)

  • Quickboost Exhaust covers (did not use)

  • Eduard missile detail set (did not use)

  • Eduard paint mask

It is essential that you need to shorten the length of the main landing gear by 2 mms which gives the kit more accurate look. Pavel Vodnik has a wonderful site for this kit which helped me a lot. Here's the link : http://vodnik.republika.pl/pages/mig29/mig29.htm

The main grey-green color is H67 Gunze. Camo is a mixture of Visions+Gunze+Tamiya acrylics.

Regards all and take care,

Erkin Bora

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Photos and text by Erkin Bora