1/32 Hobby Boss F-84G "Thunderjet"

Gallery Article by Peter Doll on Jan 8 2013



After I had built the E-version of the F-84 "Thunderjet" in the big scale a while ago (see my article here on ARC), I was certain that HB will issue soon another version of this jet and taking a look at the sprues of the "E" , there was no doubt that it will be the G-model, because it was very easy to add only a few new parts and using the rest of the "E" to create a new kit.

The differences between the two models are so marginal, that in my personal opinion a new kit of the "Thunderjet" was not necessary, because converting an "E" into a "G"-version is an easy job for every experienced modeler. I had hoped that HB switches now to the swept wing versions of the "Thunder"- series, the F-84 F "Thunderstreak" or the RF-84 F "Thunderflash", we - friends of the big scale- are waiting for so long.

The most easily identifiable external differences were as a result of the change to the more powerful J35-A-29 powerplant which provided an additional thrust over the J35-A-17 used in the F-84 E. A blow-in-door was located on each side of the forward fuselage to provide additional air to the engine when the aircraft was idling or taxying slowly on the ground.

The nozzle at the end of the tail pipe on the J35-A-29 engine was a little shorter than that of the J35-A-17, and its aft end was almost even with the trailing edge of the rudder.

All these small differences are nicely reproduced by HB with the new kit of the F-84 G.


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Building the "G"-model is absolutely fun and I experienced no problems. As usual with HB-models, the rivets and panel lines are again oversized and I solved this problem by sanding them partly down and giving the whole model several coates of  Mr. Surfacer 500. Rescribing rivets and panel lines was later done on the aluminium foil, which I've used to get a realistic bare metal finish.

The kit contains nicely printed decals for an American and a French Thunderjet which operated in the early fifties.  For my "G" I've chosen one of the most colorful US-Thunderjets,  Col. Joe Davis Jr.'s "Four Queens" in the markings shown during the Korean war in 1951, when he was commanding the 58th FBG.   

Let's now hope that the HB engineers are watching ARC from time to time to find out what we modelers need most. 

Thanks for reading my article und enjoy my pictures.

Peter Doll

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Photos and text by Peter Doll