1/48 Trumpeter MiG-19S

Gallery Article by Artur Oslizlo/Arkady72 on Dec 31 2012



The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19 (NATO reporting name: "Farmer") is a Soviet second-generation, single-seat, twin jet-engined fighter aircraft.  It was the first Soviet production aircraft capable of supersonic speeds in level flight.


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MiG-19S is a further development equipped with Svod long-range navigation receiver and armed with 3 30 mm NR-30 cannons.  Had provisions for an unguided rocket pack or a FAB-250 bomb under each wing; entered service in 1956.

Trumpeter kit with small Eduard FE for the cockpit and Quickboost air intakes.
Painted with various Gunze SuperMetalic colors.

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Photos and text by Artur Oslizlo/Arkady72