1/48 Airfix Sea Harrier FA.2

Gallery Article by José C. N. Motta Jr. on Nov 13 2013



This is my first submission here, this model represents "my return to the hobby" and the Harrier is my favorite ever! 

The kit is very simple and cost me almost some "gray hair" but hours of fun too… I've spent 2 years on it!

However the kit simplicity it has a good overall shape and few mistakes. I corrected all of them.


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Been far from the hobby for ages I've decided do something special for my return. So I've chosen my favorite plane and after I read the AV-8B Harrier "in flight" article by Craig Sargent (http://www.arcair.com/Gal9/8201-8300/gal8201-Harrier-Sargent/00.shtm) I thought to my self… why not?  

I used some aftermarket items: Pavla MB MK.10 ejection seat, Flightpath weapons from Sea Harrier FRS.1 (sidewinder and twin launchers, doppler antenna) and FA.2 sets (AMRAAMS), Alley Cat Decals, Pavla control surfaces, AIRWAVES photo etch set (vortex generators) and scratch... a lot of scratch!

I corrected the follow issues: 

  • 1- vents;

  • 2- GTS/APU intake and exhaust;

  • 3- new upper anti-collision beacon;

  • 4- repositioned fire access hole;

  • 5- in-flight refuel light;

  • 6- blow-in doors;

  • 7- all-moving tailplane behind plates;

  • 8- vents;

  • 9- ID lights;

  • 10- rudder hinge;

  • 11-rudder strake;

  • 12- new pressure probe (not finished);

  • 13- RCV vents;

  • 14- static vents;

  • 15- camera;

  • 16- pressure vane;

  • 17- bell mouth;

  • 18- improved instrument panel hood;

  • 19- doppler antenna - Flightpath set;

  • 20- new nose land gear door;

  • 21- correted size AMRAAMs pylons;

  • 22- new lower anti-collision beacon offset to port;

  • 23- CHAFF/FLARE dispensers;

  • 24, 25, 26… And maybe more… 

I'm pretty happy with the final look!

Cheers and happy modeling, 


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Photos and text © by José C. N. Motta Jr.