1/48 Academy MiG-21MF

Gallery Article by Sohaib Talal on Nov 15 2013



This is an Academy 1/48 MiG-21MF in Syrian Air Force markings with the following aftermarket sets 

  • Afterburner decals 48-084 Fabulous Fishbeds

  • Aires 4049, cockpit detail set

  • Quickboost air scoops 48-021

  • Begemot 1/48 MiG-21 stencils 48-003

If you want this Academy kit to be a great project, then the Aires cockpit and Begemot decals are a must. 


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The weapons except rocket pods, come from sprues donated by a modeler friend on another forum. These weapons are from the Eduard MiG-21 kit.  All Academy weapons are cast in the wrong shape and proportions. I used the rocket pods reluctantly as I had no alternative. 

I used Tamiya Olive Green for camouflage green. Tamiya Flesh was mixed with several different earth tones colors like dark yellow, Gunze Radome, Tamiya Buff and Gunze Sand to create different shades of sandy yellow color of the camouflage. The light blue is RLM Light Blue mixed with white or Gunze Gull Gray H61 to create different shades. As for radome and upper tail fin radar sensor, I used Gunze H302. 

In all Tamiya colors I used Gunze H030 Gloss Clear to make Tamiya colors semi gloss. I don't like Tamiya super flat finish on aircraft. But its a personal preference. 

The kits builds into a nice representation of MiG-21. 

Sohaib Talal

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Photos and text by Sohaib Talal