1/72 Revell F-4F Phantom II Richthofen

Gallery Article by Michael "Chewie" Choo on Nov 22 2013



Despite being distracted by job loss, I actually finished this project in almost exactly 2 months. This is mainly thanks to the kit itself being so easy to work with. 

Just like all of my builds, there are no aftermarket parts used at all. Not even decals. Everything is strictly OOB for this project. Initially, I was going to install the 4x Slammers, but decided against it, since, IMHO, this type of "show bird" should be absolutely clean.


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The paints that I used were:

  • Tamiya Semi-Gloss Black (X-18) 

  • Gunze Aqueous Red FS11136 (H327)

  • Radome: LifeColor FS36320 mixed with LifeColor Matt White (2:1 ratio)

  • Tail, arrestor hook, and horizontal stabilizers: Citadel Boltgun Metal + Chainmail, then dry-brushed with Mr Metal Color Copper

  • Burner cans: MM Metalizer (non-buffing) Gun Metal, then dry brushed with Tamiya Bronze and Copper

  • Pitot tube: Mr Metal Color Aluminium

  • Finishing clear coat: Tamiya semi-gloss clear

  • Weathering: NONE! First time in a long while!

The display stand is Italeri's 1/72 Stand Base (which is out of production now), glued with 5-minute epoxy glue. I also used Tamiya Mark Fit to set the decals.

During the painting process, I accidentally broke the little aerial protruding from the vertical stabilizer, and lost it to the carpet monster.

Hope you like it!

Michael "Chewie" Choo

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Photos and text by Michael "Chewie" Choo