1/48 IBEX Beechcraft T-6A Texan II

Gallery Article by Pantelis Antonoglou on Nov 29 2013



T-6A Texan is produced from IBEX in 1/48 scale. It's made from plastic with resin nose, spinner, wheels and seats. Also two vac canopies are provided, in case you mess with the first one! :) I really love the instruction sheet and the decals, they are perfect and I wish (and encourage) more companies to copy that style on their kits...! Everything looks good, so let's started!


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I started from the cockpit, the resin parts are the best I have ever worked with, they are soft and easy to cut! The side consoles are given in decals with great fidelity but I would prefer some nice relief detail like the instrument panels. It was an easy construction, though I used only a little liquid putty for filling... The only real down side to this kit is the surface detailing on the plastic parts. The panel lines are scribed, but they are wide and deep.

I painted my aircraft with Gunze colors which are H-1 and H-15. Also I used Alclad aluminium for the spinner and the leading edge, and Alclad exhaust for the exhaust pipes... In order to have a Greek T-6A I bought a really beautiful sheet from Caracal Decals, I like them very much! The whole decaling was actually a combination from Caracal's and the kit's decals... I had problems with them so far... At the end of the construction I added the navigation and strobe lights...

Simple, easy, comfortable and colorful building are just a few words which I can say about this kit! I enjoyed any moment of this and the result was a gold medal at HELMO exhibition! I hope you like it, buy it and build it, it's fun!

Pantelis Antonoglou

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Photos and text by Pantelis Antonoglou