1/48 Academy Su-27UB

Gallery Article by Kenji Miyazawa on Nov 27 2013



I made this Su27UB from the Academy kit with SOL's cockpit.  

This is the 4th kit that I have built since I came back to making hobby aircraft.  When we see the ARC gallery page, we can easily see that this Su27 series is one of the most popular airplanes. For me, I feel this is the most beautiful one among the modern air-fighter.


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For building this kit, I bought MR HOBBY's double action air brush and had changed the way of my painting thoroughly. I think that many air modelers do in this way though, let me introduce here. I painted the engraved parting lines with a dark color at first step which was Mr. Colorís No.14. I used a narrow downed air-brush. At the next step, I painted the surface between the parting lines with also narrow downed air-brush. I learned this technique from the following page.  http://www.naritafamily.com/howto/Su27/photo_frame.htm

I also referred to ARC articles written by many modelers, and I selected as the best color blending from Mao Yufei's Su-27B article. He is Chinese but is very famous also in Japan, because his works had been introduced on the Japanese certain aircraft magazines and he was kindly explained the blend ratio with MR. Color to fit the Su-27 on the magazine's articles.

I tried to add piping on the undercarriage and inside it's containment with this kit for the first time.  And I invented the thrust vectoring nozzle of the R-73 either.

I will submitt Su-35(T10M-9) next time.

Thank you for your visiting.

Kenji Miyazawa

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Photos and text © by Kenji Miyazawa