1/72 Italeri RCAF Dakota

Gallery Article by Harv on Nov 28 2013



Just thought I'd show one of the special builds I did some time back for my friend, the late Reg Clarke. Reg was an interesting character, and gave me plenty of opportunities to build interesting kits (and some hair-pulling ones). I miss having him to bounce ideas off. Here's one he had a personal connection to.

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The bird in question here was in Greenwood, Nova Scotia when Reg was there in the 60's, and was preparing to take a group of cadet for a flight when he snapped the photos I included below. Shortly after, it was a smoking pile of scrap at the side of the runway (pilot stalled on takeoff). At least nobody was seriously hurt. 

To do the Italeri C-47 up I used Tamiya acrylics, and picked through several sheets of Leading Edge and Belcher Bits sheets to get the required markings. It always put a smile on Reg's face when I showed up to deliver the goods.



Photos and text by Harv