1/48 Academy MiG-29

Gallery Article by Ronald Beelen on Dec 13 2013



Here is a very special MiG-29, it isn't seen in any western country. This MiG-29 is part of the airforce of the Peoples Republic of Korea. It got a rather dull green/blue paint scheme. On the few photo's that are public you can see the supreme leader Kim Jong-Un visiting an airbase. It looks like the MiG is painted specially for the occasion. 


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I used some aftermarket stuff for this kit. First of all Caracal decals for the DPRK-airforce roundels and the red/white text at the side of the plane. The text says something about earlier visits of the leaders according to the description. The set contains also Iranian roundels, nice for the next kit. I also used a new Aires cockpit and some inlet covers. The Aires resin set has a lot of options, you can open up the side of the jet to show a lot of stuff inside. I am not that good with resin so I did not do that. 

I tried to copy the blue color at the underside but my color is to light. It should be darker. The missiles are still in the box. It was a nice build of a strange plane.

Ronald Beelen


Photos and text by Ronald Beelen