1/48 Kinetic S-2A, CP-121 Tracker

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Dec 13 2013



This is my second Kinetic 1/48 scale Tracker. This time I used the S-2A version which allows one to build a Canadian CP-121 Tracker out of the box. You CAN make a Canadian Tracker from the first release, the S-2F kit but it involves a great amount of cutting plastic and gnashing of teeth. Luckily Belcher bits gives the conversion parts if you can find it. I used their set on my last Tracker in RCN markings.


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The only thing I used not from the kit are the decals. The kit decals are just not right for the Canadian build. Flag is wrong, the font of the Canadian lettering is wrong and also too large. There are several better options. Belcher Bits and Caracal make very usable decals in the scheme I chose, but in the end I used Canmilair for this build.

The version I chose is the one I remember seeing flying around in the early 80s. This scheme stuck around till the late 80s, when the airframe went cam'd gray. I have yet to decide if a third gray Tracker is in the future. Perhaps I will if I can get the kit for a low enough price.

Shawn "phantom" Weiler

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Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler