1/48 Kinetic ROCAF Mirage 2000-5EI

Gallery Article by Burt Gustafson on Dec 11 2013



For your viewing pleasure, here are some photos of my Kinetic 1/48 scale Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) Mirage 2000-5EI. Manufactured by Dassult Aviation, the Mirage 2000-5 is the latest variant of the French delta-wing Mirage 2000 fighters. It is an extensive upgrade based on the Mirage 2000C. The extensive upgrade was done in order to boost export sales and keep the aging Mirage on a par with the F-16.

In 1992 Taiwan (Republic of China) purchased from France 60 Mirage 2000-5 fighters: 48 single-seat 2000-5EIs and 12 two-seat Mirage 2000-5 SDIs. This marks the first ROCAF purchase of French fighters.

Externally, the Mirage 2000-5 looks like a Mirage 2000C except the 2000-5 doesn’t have a nose pitot and does not utilize an air-refueling probe. Under the hood, the radar, armament, and avionics systems have been completely modernized. The heart of the upgrade is the radar system that allows simultaneous detection of 24 targets and the ability to track 8 threats while guiding Mica Missiles. With its 9 weapon hardpoints, the 2000-5 can carry 4 Mica Missiles, 2 Magic Missiles, and 3 drop tanks. Mirage 2000-5s also sport two 20mm cannons.


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This was an out of the box build and a challenging one, challenging because of the numerous problems. Some of the problems included missing parts, broken parts, incorrectly marked parts in the instruction booklet, poor illustrations, and fit issues.

Construction began with the cockpit that goes together fairly well. The ejection seat goes together easily and fits well in the cockpit tub. The instrument panels are all raised detail—no decals. With careful painting you have a realistic looking cockpit. The negative part of the cockpit build is that there are little or no painting guides. I used internet photos to get cockpit colors. The two piece canopy fit is not so good—lots of Elmer’s white glue to fill the gaps.

Following the instruction guide, you get a sense that you are building this model in modules. The parts fit for the modules are decent. Joining the modules together is another story. A lot of test-fitting, shaving, filling and sanding were required to get all the modules to fit together correctly. Note also I installed lead weights in the nose cone to prevent tail sitting.

All paints used are Model Masters or Floquil enamel paints. The top and undersides of the model were airbrushed with Light Ghost Gray. The topside camouflage pattern was airbrushed using Blue, and the radome with Gunship Gray. The wheel wells, landing gears, and the inside of the wheel well doors were hand painted with Floquil Bright Silver.

The decals Kinetic provides are good; they are well printed and lay down over detail nicely. However they have a tendency for silvering. A touch of Solvaset on each decal pretty much eliminates the silvering. One thing that was most irritating about decaling this model was the layout of the decal sheet. In my opinion it was disorganized. You spend an inordinate time just looking for a decal.

Even with all the problems this kit has, the finished model is well detailed and sleek looking as all Mirage aircraft are. I was pleased with the finished model. This was not a shake and bake build and recommend it for only experienced modelers.

Burt Gustafson

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Photos and text © by Burt Gustafson