1/48 Academy Sukhoi Su 27UB

Gallery Article by poutre on Dec 17 2013



Privet!  No place left on the shelf, so I remade my 15 yr old Sukhoi. It was my first spray work and I did not like her anymore. 


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I added details to the canopy hood, fixed other details, and bought several goodies (shopping is part of the pleasure of building kits...) : pitot tube, ladders from Dreammodel,  tow bar from Armory, pilot & elevator from Quickboost, decals & stencils from Begemot, missiles from Eduard.

I chose the 61 red as linked here. The photographer was kind enough to send me another shots of 61 & 62.

OK. Now I have to remake my old Mirage IIIB!


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Photos and text by poutre