1/48 Kinetic Alpha Jet/A RTAF

Gallery Article by naioh2 – Saran S. on Dec 20 2013



Hi.  Please enjoy a model from a Thai modeler.  Here are some photos of my RTAF (Royal Thai Air Force) Alpha Jet/A 1/48 scale from Kinetic. The Royal Thai Air Force bought 25 Alpha Jets from Germany and used them in the attack – close air support mission.  Thai Alpha Jet was operated in Wing 23 (Undon thani) , 231 Sqn. (The Hunter) 


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The Kinetic Alpha Jet can be built both as a Jet A and Jet E but includes only the Martin-Baker Mk.10N ejection seat for Jet E.  The Royal Thai Air Force operated the Jet A so I had to convert to a staencel Ejection seat.  For markings I chose the special Red tail with Lion head “10th anniversary” 

I think that Kinetic made the best 1/48 Alpha Jet kit.  The kit has very good detail and very good shape (compared with my 1/48 Heller kit) 

Please enjoy the kit from Thai Modeler.  Thanks.

naioh2 – Saran S.

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