1/48 Monogram F-80 Shooting Star

Gallery Article by Ulysses Almeida on Dec 24 2013



This is a 1977 Monogram kit I found on the internet in order to represent the F80C Shooting Stars operated by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) from 1958 to 1973. This is a beautiful kit and has a lot of cool features including dropped flaps, gun bay details and a break away fuselage with an engine inside. Unfortunately the plastic was brittle and it cracked when I was trying to make the fuselage halves fit. I had the engine all painted and detailed and now no one will ever see it for I had to glue the halves together and fix the the crack on the side. I was able to sand down the raised panel lines, scribe new panel lines and attach two wing tip tanks (I scratch built them). I also replaced the gun barrels with syringe needles to make them more realistic. That was all I did. The rest of the kit is original and it fit very nicely.


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This particular aircraft serial number 4200 was kept flying long after the F80 was decommissioned because it belonged to the squadron commander and had seen action in the Korean war. This plane was flown only in special occasions and it was to be preserved in an aviation museum. During its flight to the museum it crashed due to the pilot falling victim of a sudden illness.

This is a representation of the airplane while in active duty in Recife (Northeastern Brazil). The decals are by FCM and the paint is just common silver oil paint. I included a photo of the model with a T33. I think they make I nice pair, don't they?

Ulysses Almeida

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Photos and text by Ulysses Almeida