1/40 Krugozor Yak-18P

Gallery Article by Tanel Kask on Nov 3 2014



My first model ever.


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During the Soviet occupation here in Estonia we didn't have possibility to get any Western model kits because of Iron Curtain. Only sometimes we had very limited opportunity to purchase models from local, Eastern Bloc or Russian manufacturers. I remember that in that time there was no possibility get any modelling tools, decals, paints or even quality plastic glue from store.

I was 6 Year old when I got and assembled this kit. This model with raised panel lines and rivets shows the level of quality of aircraft model kits in Soviet Union in the late 70`s. Instructions without the painting guide, some poor quality "red star" decals, display stand and glue was added in that kit. Now, more than three decades later white and gray plastic parts have become little greenish.

Tanel Kask

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Photos and text by Tanel Kask