1/72 Airfix F-7 "what if..."

Gallery Article by Tigre del Aire on Nov 5 2014



F-7 Airguard Uruguayan Air Force, "what if..."

Greetings from Colombia! 

a little lost since the last issue, I have been working very keen on several projects, I start with this interesting "what if ..." 

I had in my collection an Airfix kit of the MiG-21, when I read somewhere that China offered sometime in the F-7 Airguard the Uruguayan Air Force, I thought to myself, "myself, why not make a F-7 in the colors of the FAU? "

I took the MiG-21 and I made some changes, mostly in the area of the guns, which were drilled in the cabin was inside, underwing mounts missiles and rocket launchers were also placed to complement the weaponry. 


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In the part of the cockpit, he also left the pilot and completely rebuilt the ejection seat, the pitot tube having at the bottom of the engine intake moved to the top and the antennas were rebuilt. 

The decals were very kindly given to me by a friend from Uruguay, I hope you like the final product. 

Greetings from Colombia, the land of Juan Valdez!

Tigre del Aire

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Photos and text by Tigre del Aire