1/32 Family Portrait: the Mitsubishi Fighters Family

Gallery Article by Olivier Barles on Nov 10 2014



This summer, enjoying nice weather in Brittany and having there most of my models, I decided to go for some "natural daylight family pictures" of  planes sharing the same manufacturer name...


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So, here are a few shots of my 4 Mitsubishis, all in 1/32nd scale:

  • A5M by Special Hobby

  • A6M type 22 and type 52 by Tamiya

  • J2M Raiden by Hasegawa

All of them have been posted in separate articles on ARC over the last 3 or 4 years.

But I thought it was a nice idea to take photos of the all of them, under the same light...

Hope you all enjoy.

Olivier Barles

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Photos and text by Olivier Barles