1/72 Revell Hurricane IIc & Matchbox Vehicles

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry (chinagreg) on Nov 11 2014



This is my latest effort at combining planes, vehicles and figures - only this time in an all action pose.

The idea really is not new. I've seen several pictures on the internet where modellers have supported planes using cotton wool smoke (as with me here), or with the plane just skimming the top of a tree or something similar. My other inspiration came from aviation artwork (from the likes of eg Nicholas Trudgian) which show scenes similar to mine - perhaps with some artistic licence with the low flying planes - which can be full of drama and excitement.

My Hurricane was the old Revell kit which I hastily re-painted in desert camo once I had this idea for using the very old Matchbox Afrika Korps set. The plane is actually supported by a length of sturdy wire running from the base up the back of the building and completely covered by the cotton 'bomb blast'. Otherwise, there's nothing particularly special about this diorama at all.


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For the photography, the obvious point is that the lower the camera angle for such a scene, the more dramatic is the feeling. I did consider replacing the kit's propeller with clear plastic or somesuch but then I remembered reading somewhere that "nothing looks as much like a spinning propeller as . . . a spinning propeller" - and he was right. My wife's hair dryer provided the puff but did also blow the cotton wool a bit too much.

I was quite excited with this little diorama. Now I want to try others like a Typhoon at the Falaise Gap flying over a Panther, or a Ju87G Tankbuster over a T-whatever it is, or a Shturmovik over a Tiger, a P47 over a German loco . . . the list is potentially endless.

Greg Kerry

Photos and text by Greg Kerry