1/72 Italeri Bf 110G-4

Gallery Article by Ole A. Hoel on Nov 17 2014



The Bf 110G-4 night fighter was the ultimate version of this workhorse of the Luftwaffe. It took a terrible toll of the British Lancasters and Halifaxes. Even though it was laden with heavy and drag-inducing radar systems. This aircraft was with Nachtjagdgeshwader 1, II Gruppe at Arnhem in 1944.


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This is the old Italeri Bf 110G-4. Built almost entirely out of the box. Exceptions are the wheels from an Airfix Bf 110E (New mold), and the back end of the cockpit from the New Eduard kit. The propellers Is now replaced with better shaped ones from QuickBoost, although not in these pictures. The kit is quite easy to build, provided you can source a new cockpit covering; the one in the kit is the very different type seen in the A-F versions. I painted it with extracrylics and my Aztec airbrush.

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Ole A. Hoel

Photos and text by Ole A. Hoel