1/32 Revell Tornado ECR

Gallery Article by Mike Pattison on Nov 18 2014



Sometimes you look at the finished product and go  uuuuummmmmm????? and I kinda feel that way about this one. Not bad but coulda done better. Lotsa little errors and inconsistencies that might not show up in the pics; but I know they're there. Not a bad kit, but I do favour Trumpeter for fit, detail and general workability. With Revell kits I find you have to put in a larger effort to get acceptable results......lotsa filler; lotsa sandpaper, scratched canopies, endless injection marks etc etc.....but anyways, enough whining


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It's preshaded and finished in Tamiya acrylics and before being weathered with pastel dust. Decals took days and days to put on as well as quite a bit of sol. Seat belts by Eduard but apart from that, its OOB. 

Its a striking looking aircraft and the people that see it in my cabinet go 'Oooooooooh; wow'......but I dunno - It was one of those ones I couldn't wait to finish so I could just move on. Feel free to send your opinions and tips.

Mike Pattison

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Photos and text by Mike Pattison