1/72 Heller LFG Roland C.II

Gallery Article by Gustavo Antonelli on Nov 24 2014



Commemorating the centenary of the Great War, I'm building some models of airplanes that were active during this conflagration.

The LFG Roland C II was a very elegant two-seater German observation aircraft of the Great War. It had a very particular wing arrangement, where the upper wing was attached to the fuselage. It recalled the shape of a whale, which gave origin the name of the airplane, "die walfisch". The model in question is a Heller's reissue of the classic Airfix kit.


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I scratch built the airplane interior, I replaced the window transparencies, the pilot's seat, and I added the main board, the control column, pedals and seat belts in the cockpit. I also added the seat, seat belts and the repository for the magazines of bullets in the position of the gunner/ observer. And, just for fun, I made the small curtains so characteristic of this aircraft using tissue paper.

The kit is supplied with a pair of very atypical and striking figures, so I decided, despite the inside details, to prepare the figures so that they can be placed inside the plane or removed at will without damaging the details.

Gustavo Antonelli

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Photos and text by Gustavo Antonelli