1/72 ICM I-16 Type 24

Gallery Article by Tigre del Aire on Nov 24 2014



I-16 Chinese Air Force, Russian fighting by the Chinese against the Japanese

Greetings from Colombia! 

This project was started some time ago, seeking information about some decals to make them at home, I found that the I-16 fought against the Japanese when they decided to invade China.  The courageous Chinese pilots defended their country with these noble machines as they did during the Spanish civil war and the Russians themselves in early operations of "Operation Barbarossa" 


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The model is an ICM kit, very easy to work and gives you the ease of leaving the engine exposed, since the covers can be omitted and also work very well in the engine; the detail is very good, of course they had to do some ribs fuselage bristle broom, which gave very good thickness on the scale I use. 

The actual aircraft came without a number, the decals were made at home with my inkjet printer and fixative spray, paint drift is done with the airbrush. 

I hope you liked the work, leaving the "little donkey" as it is affectionately called by the Russian pilots. 

Greetings from Colombia, the land of Juan Valdez!

Tigre del Aire

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Photos and text by Tigre del Aire