1/48 Hasegawa F-22A 'Starscream'

Gallery Article by L.C. Chan on Nov 27 2014



In the Transformer movie, I think the most attractive character is "Starscream". He is bad and treacherous. He always wanted to be the leader of Decepticon... After Transformer 2, Starscream with aliens pattern become more eye-catching for me. Therefore, I decided to build a model plane of it. But at that time, I only found F-22 in Hasbro version, the pattern is simplified and rough. It was hard for me to realize my idea. At the end of 2011 Tomytec produced 1/144 F-22A, including "Starscream" version. At that time, I thought I could resume my project.   :-D


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The model is built straight under the instruction. The mold is very fit and easy to assembly. The pattern reference is based on the instruction of Tomytec F-22A version. After retouching and tracing the Tomytec instruction, I printed the pattern on Finemold laser decal. The decal is very thin and clear, but expensive.

Hope you would like it.   :-P

L.C. Chan

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Photos and text by L.C. Chan