1/48 Ibex/Hamilton Hobbies Pilatus PC-9A

Gallery Article by Andrew Doppel on Dec 9 2014



Unfortunately due to work commitments and other pressing issues I have been very scarce on ARC of late but I have been lurking about looking at the wonderful builds on here.  I'd like to share with you two of my more recent builds both of the same aircraft type but in different RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) markings.  The first is Pilatus PC-9A A23-044 of the Roulettes aerobatic team followed by Pilatus PC-9A A23-032 'Middleton VC' of No. 4 Flight (FAC) now 4 Squadron.

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Both kits were the recently released Ibex 1/48 Texan II converted using the Hamilton Hobbies resin set to PC-9A.  Basically the nose, rear spine and horizontal tail plane are replaced with the inclusion of resin prop blades, spinner, lower tail spine, seats, nose wheel, under carriage doors, aerials, other lumps and of course the canopy.  Both variations use different wheel settings with the Roulettes version having thicker low pressure) tyres for course/grass runway strips) than the FAC version which retained standard high pressure tyres and has smoke marker racks attached to the wings.  Decals for the Roulettes PC-9 are by Southern Sky and Plane Bits (with corrected Hawkeye Decal roundels) for the FAC PC-9A.

I hope you like them.  


Andrew Doppel

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Photos and text by Andrew Doppel