1/48 Tamiya RTAF F-84G Thunder jet

Gallery Article by Chokchai u. on Dec 10 2014

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F-84G Thunder jet was the first jet powered aircraft in Royal Thai air force service from 1956-1963. After decommissioned one of Thunder jet has been put on display at RTAF museum.


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My F-84G was built straight out from the box. General assembly went on smooth as silk and all parts fits together very well, as is common for Tamiya quality.  Little filler has been used on fuselage join.  The only thing I missed in this built was to use the kit supply seat harness decal. It looked flat and unrealistic. I finished the model in natural aluminum skin. Various shade of Alcad paint and Gunze silver paint were used to replicate the look of the aluminum skin. Although the final result is not quite as good as what I was expected it to be, it does look acceptable to me anyway. 

Decals for RTAF markings were from Siam scale as usual. Stencil decals were from the box, they are very thin and adhered well. 

This was enjoyable kit to build. I also have a 1/72 kit from the same manufacturer. Detail and decal of the kit are as accurate and beautiful as its 1/48 brother. Now Iím thinking which scheme I will go with. 

Until then..,, happy modeling to us all. 

Chokchai u.

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