1/72 Art Model Su-25

Gallery Article by Dragan Cvetic on Dec 12 2014



Su-25 of the Macedonian Air Force

Hello guys.  Here is my latest.  A Macedonian AF Su-25.The kit used is the new Art Model kit.  A pain in the @ss to work with.  Somehow I am stuck with short run and resin kits this year.   


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I scratchbuilt the instrument panel because for some reason Art Model did not include a resin instrument panel like the rest of the cockpit.  The armament is from the spares box.  The paints used are Tamiya acrylics and Revell enamels.  I mixed them myself.  The decals are Balkan Models Su-25 Frogfoots.  

The aircraft represents a display aircraft and payload used for a presentation to the now late president Boris Trajkovski during the war back in 2001.

Enjoy the photos.

Dragan Cvetic     Balkan Models

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Photos and text by Dragan Cvetic