1/144 Sweet SH-3D Sea King

Gallery Article by Duncan on Dec 10 2014



Hi Everyone, here I show you some pictures of my 1/144 Sweet Sikorsky SH-3D Navy Sea King helicopter. Quite a nice kit except for the canopy clear part which was hard to paint. I scratchbuilt the interior but the clear parts are too thick to look through. I managed to tear a rotorblade and got it repaired with evergreen plastic strip, the plastic is soft, it gets cut easily. One minor thing about this kit, itís got no side glass windows, you need to add some of your own here.


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I used some of the beautiful decals provided by Sweet along some of mine done on a regular Canon laserprinter from work. This helicopter depics CVW8 HS-9 Sea Griffins BuNo 9717 and is part of the 1/144 Airwing I am still doing. The RF-8G will join soon and a Corsair II is on the agenda.

Hopefully you like the baked egg aswell ;) 


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Photos and text © by Duncan