1/32 Trumpeter MiG 15 Bis

Gallery Article by Mike Pattison on Dec 17 2014



So I saw this kit online and not on a shelf; thought I better have it to go with the Sabre and bought the much maligned kit (Also bought Mig 17 F that I intend to do with the engine exposed). Sure the canopy may well be too large, the aerial misplaced- blah blah blah; but the kit is decent if under detailed and goes together a treat.


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First thing was to massively increase the level of surface detail - and coz I wanted to do a foil finish, this meant drilling each rivet hole as opposed to pricking the surface (which works really well for painted finishes but.......). Used the Eduard detail set for the cockpit and a set of MiG 21 seat belts (coz they were coloured).

Wanted to do a war weary example - and coz I wanted to try the old salt chipping technique; you be the judge of that :P .......

Foil finish was with thin strips (shiny side up, dull side up. Shiny side up, dull side.......it takes ages but is well worth it) When finished, rub around the circumference with steel wool to grain it up and that's usually it. In this case, a lot of Tamiya smoke was used to accentuate the batteredness of it all.

Decals took all of 1/2 and hour and voila.......

A bit of a pig of a kit, but comes up OK with some time invested........Thanks for looking

Mike Pattison

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Photos and text by Mike Pattison