1/32 Academy F-16CG Fighting Falcon

Gallery Article by David Qu on Dec 18 2014



I haven't built for almost two years due to hectic work. Recently I got some time and decided to tackle this 1/32 jet which I had always wanted. It took me quite a while but finally I was able to finish after about 2-months (avg. 1-hour per day working on this kit). 

There's not much to be said about the jet, but couple things I wanted to highlight on the Academy kit. It does offer a variety of weapons to choose from and from the reviews/comparison I read, this kit has more A-G weapons that the Tamiya kit. The decals also offer the builders many options including both USAF and the Korean Air Force. I much enjoyed everything except that:

  • The decals are a bit thick

  • There's no workable option for the nose radome 

  • The cannon bay panel does have some fit issues with the fuselage

  • All the weapons must be glued; I wish there was an option to attach/detach


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I used Model Masters enamel paint, and for weathering I used both oil color (thinned by Turpenoid solution) and pastels. And I did a OOB build (as I always do) and did not use any additional after-market parts.

I think this kit is more "value" than the Tamiya kit if you want to a straight OOB build like I did, so I still highly recommend it.


David Qu

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Photos and text by David Qu