1/32 Trumpeter BAC Lightning

Gallery Article by Mike Pattison on Feb 3 2015



OK, first things first- the pointy bit under the nose is on the model (see large photo below) - I just left it off whilst I was handling it for photos.

Secondly, I think I've exhausted my BMF foil fetish for the time being with this BAC/EE Lightning......for now.


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This is a gorgeous kit; simple in construction and exquisite in its detail (so, so, so many rivets). If a paint finish was opted for, it could easily be completed in a weekend.........OK maybe a public holiday long weekend. This one took about a month.

It's pretty much OOB except for some Eduard cockpit goodies and I'm pretty happy with the out come except for the tail fin decal that is yellow rather than blue. Coulda spent a bit more time dressing up the missiles, but was in a bit of a rush to move on......so much so that I neglected to weather the vents near the tail and which is on my to do list.

Thanks for looking and thanks especially to those who have commented on my previous efforts using the 'today's bird' section of the forum.

Mike Pattison

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Photos and text by Mike Pattison