1/32 Revell Hurricane IIc Trop

Gallery Article by Mike Pattison on Mar 26 2015



OK, so it ain't historically accurate - but that's the way I roll. This was going to be a MkI until I saw the camo scheme whilst researching and just had to give it a go. The kit came with the bits to do a IIc Trop, but I used the Battle of Britain decals......sorry to any offended purists.


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There's a point of view that there are no bad kits; only bad modellers......hmmmmmmmm.......I think that part of the challenge of this hobby is problem solving; being creative with what you're working with and on THAT basis, this is a first rate kit.

Insofar as I can tell this kit is a re-boxing of a re-boxing of a re-boxing whose lineage extends all the way back to the late 1960's; and it shows in the raised panel lines, endless flash and lack of/hamfisted detail. So I thought I'd have some fun with it and this is what came out. All oob except for and old Eduard interior set I had for a Spitfire and used here - although you'd never tell; the tub hides more than it shows.

Slapped together in three days from go to whoa; heaps of fun - thanks for looking.

Mike Pattison

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Photos and text by Mike Pattison