1/48 Trumpeter MiG-23UB Flogger-C

Gallery Article by Iván Aceituno C. on Mar 26 2015



I chose an Arab belonging to the "Al Iraqiya Quwwa to Jawwiya"

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Kit and Aftermarkets:
The Mig-23M trumpeter is very good, has one other detail but overall is far superior to the old ESCI kit, plastic is injected into light gray and has no problems of fit.

The conversion kit is good Neomega being my only criticism is its limited information in your manual .... I had to senders many pictures.

Use very little of the original kit and how to be in the process uses many accessories and some scratches.

The cover is 100% scratch.

Some accessories were:

  • MiG-23UB Conversion Set - Neomega

  • Flogger wheel bay - Aires

  • Flogger exhaust nozzle opened - Aires

  • Flogger Landing Gear - Scale Aircraft Conversions

  • Wheels - Eduard Brassin

  • Air scoops - Quickboost

  • Flogger gun barrels - Quickboost

  • Pitot Tube - Master Caster

  • MiG-23 FOD - Eduard

  • Ladder for Mikoyan MiG-23 - Plus Model

  • CCCP Pilot NO.3 - Dream Model

  • Linden Hill Decals - Iraqi Fighters Special Edition

  • AeroBonus Fighter Pilot with Ejection Seat

Paints and Weathering:
Paints used were varied both enamel and acrylic, these were Humbrol, Mr Hobby, K4, Vallejo and AK.

For purposes of aged using a variety of techniques: washes, lights, chipping salt, pigments and wash Promodeller.

For the assembly process can visit this site: 

Iván Aceituno C.

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