1/32 Hasegawa Me 262

Gallery Article by Mike Pattison on May 27 2015



So, my wife reckons she'd rather see me buy a certain brand of kit on account of the 'fact' that they're not a risk to my health in the way Revell kits are a threat to my mental state or the respiratory risks posed by Hasegawa kits - like this one - due to the endless sanding required. I take her point but the criticism may be a little harsh; this is an OOOOOOLD kit and some things are to be expected.


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Like raised panel lines and rivets, clunky cockpit (lack) of detail, general fit issues - the usual suspects. In it's day this was the cutting edge and even now one can Google examples of cracking builds of the kit with hyper detailed engines, gun bays etc etc.....but not for me on this occasion as I intend to do that with the Trumpeter version that sits somewhere in my 'to do' pile

So this is a straight build with everything covered up that's going to serve as a foil to the Trumpy and I'm reasonably happy with the outcome; though I'm sure the KG51 camo ain't quite 'right' (correct, accurate......) but hey.

Not much else to say about it.....must go change my oxygen bottle (cough, cough); thanks for looking.

Mike Pattison

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Photos and text by Mike Pattison