1/32 Tamiya F4U-1 Corsair

Gallery Article by Mike Pattison on July 23 2015



There's a point in the build where you slide the wing pieces on and hear a satisfying click as the section finds home. A check of the joint reveals a perfect union and this is what you pay the best part of 200 bucks for. These Tamiya kits are an absolute joy to build; paying for 'em......not so much.....anyways, see the side by side comparison with the old Revell kit in pic 16.

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This one is the Kepford bird to go with my Revell and later on a Trumpy F4U-4, from which I borrowed a set of guns from to open up the gun bay here- something exciting about hacking into a $200 bit of plastic so I decided to double my fun and try out the Grey Matter accessories bay as well.

Some errors in my build are apparent; the gun bay was deliberate coz I wanted to show of as much as possible. The front landing gear covers not so deliberate......and we'll leave it at that (I so dopey sumtime :P!!)

Thanks for looking.

Mike Pattison

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Photo 16


Photos and text by Mike Pattison