1/48 Italari C-130 Charlie

Gallery Article by Brian "Mr B" Param on Aug 31 2015

Malaysia National Day



The C-130 is considered to be the workhorse of the Royal Malaysian Air Force. It joined the RMAF in 1976 forming the 14th Sqn - Peacemakers based in Kuantan and later to Subang. Later Malaysia was one of the few nations which opted for the MP version ....to enhance maritime patrol of the EEZ of the country with a wide cost line. The MP versions formed 4 Sqn and were based together with the 14 Sqn birds. Later some of the MP versions were converted to full transports and tankers and merged into new squadrons. They still fly today with various upgrades and extensions .....and they still fly out from Subang Air Base on various duties. The Charlie as it is known in Malaysia is the back bone of the transport capability of the Malaysian Air Force.

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I always wanted to build a big 1/48 charlie as to rekindle the memory of building one whiles I was a kid. The only problem I did not have the space to display it once it was done....so the chance came when a mate wanted one and commissioned me to build one for him in a diorama setting. It took me a good 3 months off and on and completed it just as we saw the end of 2014. Its massive and took a lot of supplies. It was finished in the SE scheme (delivery scheme) before they were painted the Euro scheme. Add on came from Esci and Hasegawa and Thomas Ng assisted me with tarmac sections....Some fit problems here and there but overall not too difficult......and the land rover was a diecast toy added for the effect.

Hope you like it.....its massive the only gripe was one of the cockpit widows were marred due to some putty internally.

Brian "Mr B" Param

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Photos and text by Brian "Mr B" Param