1/48 Kinetic Alpha Jet

Gallery Article by Eric Morningstar on Apr 27 2016

Togo Independence Day



Hello, here is my 1/48 Alpha Jet E from the Kinetic kit. I used a resin cockpit, wheels and a gun pack from Wingman Models and also Caracal Decals to represent the Togolese Air Force of the Republic of Togo. This represents a Dassault built, upgraded machine purchased from France. It is used as a trainer and also light ground attack using the belly mount Mauser Mk27 auto cannon or various pylon mounted munitions.

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The type 'E' upgraded jet is flown with Martin Baker Mk10 ejection seats I sourced from Wolfpack. It also has upgraded avionics some of which is housed in a prominent dorsal spine which runs the length of the fuselage. I added this from plastic card as none was provided by the kit. I also added brake lines from solder.

The multi camouflage colors suggested by Caracal are somewhat suspect so I mixed my own home made brew using Model Master enamels and matched them to what photo evidence I could find for the Togolese AF Alpha Jets.

Eric Morningstar

Photos and text by Eric Morningstar