1/48 Classic Airframes Fairey Gannet

Gallery Article by Curt Waffle on Mar 6 2017



I’ve always been fascinated with mutli-crew early aircraft. The B-17 was my first one, then the B-29 and a TBF (all on the ARC sight). I especially like opening them up and showing what was inside these great planes. The Gannet was a bit of a challenge. I started it after the model had gone out of production. Aftermarket “stuff” was scarce and, as luck would have it, my kit was missing a sprue with the main flight deck on it. All the extra interior detail I built myself, some from left over parts and detail sets from previous builds. 

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Lots of us can identify a plane by its silhouette but, very few know what was under the skin of that plane. That’s why I enjoy scale modeling … turning it into a classroom. I suspect my diorama’s are not quite accurate but, I just have all this stuff in my head that I want to get out for people to see. As with my TBF, you would not be cranking a torpedo into the weapons bay while the wing was off the plane but, who knew that’s how they how they loaded that thing. 

This plane was a frustrating and fun build because it was such an unusual aircraft … exactly what I like. I loved rolling back the sheet metal and showing the detail of what these brave men were doing in these amazing flying machines. It’s always hard to know when to put down the scalpel and glue and say “It’s finished”. 


Curt Waffle

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Photos and text © by Curt Waffle