1/48 Academy/Revell Canadair CL-13 MK-2 (F-86)

Gallery Article by Serge Dompierre on Mar 9 2017



This is my latest model since one year and half, it's Academy F-86 with wings from Revell F-86D in 1/48 scale; certainly not my best one and not sure if it's 100% accurate, but to me it looks like a Canadair Sabre MK-2 (CL-13).  I had some difficulties painting the black and yellow stripes and I'm not very satisfied with the result.

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The metallic finish is from Plasti-kote Bumper Chrome #615 decanted from the spray can into my airbrush panel lines are from black acrylic paint mixed with few drops of dish liquid soap and water, once dried it's easy to wipe out the excedent with a soft humid cloth or Q-Tips. 

The model represent a Canadair CL-13 Mk-2 of 421 Red Indian squadron in 1953, I've just tried to reproduce this one in the above photo.  Decals are from my spares box and from a friend in Toronto for the Indian head on the front fuselage.

Serge Dompierre

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Photos and text by Serge Dompierre