1/48 Scratch-built RQ-7B Shadow + 1 Marine

Gallery Article by P.B. on Mar 29 2017



I came across a RQ-7 Shadow 200 in the field, so I thought, why not build it at 1:48 scale. Taking a break from a much larger 1:48 UAV project, I decided to…well, make another drone…of course, which would add to my 1:48 UAV collection. It is my first attempt at a 100% scratch-build aircraft model at any scale, made from sprues, plastic sheeting, putty and some wiring. Luckily for me, the RQ-7 Shadow is not a big UAV, and the wings and control surfaces are relatively easy to make. The main trick was to ensure length and width dimensions of parts as per specs and to scale (see photos immediately below: building, primed, and decals applied). Afterwards, for show, I took nighttime photos, which I think goes well with its theme.

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For this design, it is a RQ-7B Shadow Tactical UAS, markings are US Marines. This TUAS is the extended wing variant (6.2m wingspan, and with straight winglets/sharklets). Paint scheme is two-tone, with main colour gunship gray, and camo offset is aggressor gray. 

In addition, I’ve added 1 Marine scout sniper (from a separate kit, British infantry with only British weapons), so I scratchbuilt two weapons: 1) not happy with the finish: Barrett M107 50 cal. rifle (short barrel, bipod extended, muzzle break, and thermal scope), and 2) very happy with the outcome: M4 rifle on the side (with ACOG scope, long handguard + rail system, sling, and grenade launcher tube).


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