1/48 Italeri CC-130E Hercules

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on July 8 2019



This model was started nicely by someone else. He gave it to me to finish. Unforunately somewhere along the line the front fuselage cracked a large seem ahead of the wing root. I was able to fix that but at certain angles you can still see the crack. The left wing did not have attachment points to secure it to the body. So I drilled some holes in the wing and body. Stuck in two wooden dowels to hold the weight and now the plane sits properly with both wings attached. The decals are from Belcher Bits. They supply decals to do near any airframe in service. I chose to do a 1964 delivery scheme of the first E model Here. It goes along well on the big shelf with my 1/48 CC-130-J model. 

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Herc 10305 was delivered built as USAF 64-17624 and delivered to the RCAF in late 1964. Was renumbered 130305 around 1970 and became a navigational trainer. Later in life with many of the early E models was retrofitted to become a search and rescue airframe. I believe it was retired around 2011. Its either now part of a museum or was disposed of.

This is the third time I have built this massive model. The first was around 2000. It was H model 130329, an airframe I flew in. It used a mix of decals from various sources. I later destroyed 329 to have extensions to build a J model 130604. Now we go back to almost the beginning with the first E model 10305 back in 1964.


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Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler