1/72 Revell Tornado "Black Panther"

Gallery Article by Goran Djordjevic on Oct 11 2019



Quite a challenging kit, with a lot of delicate decal application work. My experience with previous Revell kits, containing intensive decaling, was very good, and this has become the same. It can be controlled, moved, pressed, not thin, but not even thick also. Anyway, you can not avoid a real time consuming job, not recommended for beginners. 

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The Revell's Tornado tooling is well known and highly recommended. I did several minor and fine detailing all around, as well as in the cockpit.

Movable wings, swept back, are "closing the face of tiger". In order to enable model for correct wing movement geometry, pylons have to be moveable also. In conclusion - a lot of enjoyment in building this Tornado. Final result, from my point of view - something very nice and not conventional on the shelf full filed with a lot of grey/grey stuff.

Cheers !

Goran Djordjevic

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Photos and text by Goran Djordjevic