1/72 Revell FW-190 with "hagelkorn"

Gallery Article by Goran Djordjevic on Oct 16 2019



The FW-190, as very popular subject for modellers, for me also has been the choice for building several times. Making this kit requires a little bit of additional effort. This kit is, I would say, perfect in all aspects except the canopies. I fixed it by replacing the movable part.

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Assembly goes quite standard without major problems. The only part of assembly, which takes additional engagement, is Hagelkorn under wing attachment. In order to catch correct shape of pressed ends of bomb's wing, you have to rework and reshape original FW's under wing pylons from the kit.

Painting is standard 74/75/76, with particular large patches of camo. Attached photos of the real plane as reference.


Goran Djordjevic

Photos and text by Goran Djordjevic