1/650 USS Iroquois NCC-1217

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Feb 5 2020



Modified the crap out of another Enterprise. This time I wanted to make a cargo freighter. So using the primary hull of a Constitution class starship and the neck. I cut away most of the secondary hull except for a small area to attach the cargo pod too. The warp engines are attached to the bottom of the primary hull using the attachment points from the secondary hull. I just drilled out holes in the bottom of the saucer and wedged the connection points in. Then a bunch of putty to lock it in place. The cargo pod is simply two pop cans with the tops cut off and wedged together.

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I figured this time I would use the name of another Canadian vessel. So this time its destroyer HMCS Iroquois (DD 217) It was in service from the war until the early 60s. It also happens to be a ship my father served on just before it was decommissioned. The cargo pod is painted in my custom highly technical star fleet paint scheme. Tamiya IJN Grey and a little white. Then I added some decals for medical supplies. As that was my job when I served in the army. 

The ship has 10 LED lights in there, two in each engine, 4 for the blinking port and starboards and more for the bridge and impulse engines. All powered by a 9v battery.


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Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler