1/7600 AMT Space Station K-7

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on Feb 24 2020



Here is a model yet to appear on ARC. AMTs really old Star Trek Space Station K-7. I had this kit when it was new back around 1976. I think it held together for perhaps a day before one of the arms broke off, never to be correctly repaired. No doubt the kit was tossed before 1977. I was at a hobby store in Toronto recently when I found two copies of the kit I had as a ten year old. One, the old cardboard box at a really low price. The other, the fancy collectors tin including..........A TRIBBLE!

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I paid the extra money.

This model is from one of the more famous original series episodes, The Trouble with Tribbles. I added 4 blinking lights. Red green blue and yellow. Then 5 white, Opened up the small ship parking garage and lit it up. Added the really tiny Enterprise so its orbiting the station. Only took 2 days to build. Lots of gaps, but easy to fix gaps. Minimal parts and very simple paint. Mind you some of those open windows would scale out to about twenty stories tall. Hardest part was figuring how to wire up the lights in the really tiny centre area. Fun kit which has been added to my ever increasing Star Trek table.


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Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler