1/72 Roden Felixstowe F.2a

Gallery Article by Rafi Ben-Shahar on Oct 7 2020



If you are looking for the definitive modelling experience, you might want to consider Roden's Felixstowe. At 1/72th scale, it is a large model that offers the comfort of handling and detailing like a 1/48th scale model. Engineering is simple and effective and spares you the frustration commonly encountered when building complex models. The only glitch that I found concerns the dihedral angle of the wings. I found out too late that the positive angle is also maintained when the flying boat rested on land. You may want to avoid my mistake by trimming the center part of the upper wing before attachment of the wing part to force a correct angle.

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Rigging is elaborate, and I made my shortcuts after finding out about the dihedral angle. Many of these flying boats had colorful fuselage schemes for easy identification. I chose the spiraling scheme and used AIMS decals to reduce the workload on the model.

Enjoy the photos.

Rafi Ben-Shahar

Photos and text by Rafi Ben-Shahar